Grade 8 Math

Grade 8 Math

Taking the grade 8 math course you will learn the skills necessary to above all, make a success of grade 8 Mathematics. This course is rather ideal if you need more help understanding the concepts. The course can certainly be used to recap for test or examination. By completing the course you will cover the following sections. Feel free to skip sections until you did them in class.

  • Natural numbers
  • Introducing Algebra
  • Exponents
  • Integers
  • Rational numbers
  • Equation
  • Construction
  • Lines and angles
  • Perimeter and area

More sections to be added soon.

This course contains 23 online quizzes that get graded instantly.  You can also repeat each quiz as much as you need.

This course also contains 30 worksheets with memos to complete.

Above all make sure you watch all the lessons and complete the worksheets. Also, don’t forget to ask if you need more help!

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Lamprecht Lotter Lamprecht Lotter Author

I knew I wanted to be teacher from the start. I am a passionate Mathematics and Physics teacher, and did my honors degree in Mathematics education. I started my teaching career 10 years ago in London England. Currently teaching IGCSE and A-Levels Mathematics and Physics at a Montessori school in South Africa.

Mathematics – Grade 8

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Natural Numbers

Introducing Algebra



Rational Numbers



Lines and Angles

Perimeter and Area

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